is a platform,
which consists of
cargo transportation
and lifestyle services.

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    Think big,
    know more,
    see beyond

    We combine our vast experience, knowledge and digital technologies to give the process of cargo transportation the uttermost convenience possible, as well as efficiency and accessibility for all those involved.

    Think big
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    Find reliable partners

    We optimize processes so that all participants of the cargo transportation market can find each other quickly and build up mutually beneficial cooperation.

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    Analyze, develop and move forward

    We collect data, form development strategies and implement industry IT solutions so that everyone can grow, expand their business and rise to new heights.

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    MONOPOLY is a freight logistics group of companies which includes:

    The digital platform Monopoly.Online that combines all the services necessary for organizing cargo transportation.

    The MONOPOLY freight carrier that owns and operates a fleet of freight vehicles and manages a team of drivers.

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    Press center

    24. 09. 2021 | Saint Petersburg
    Happy Trucker's Day! More details
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    The company's offices are located in 32 cities of Russia. Select the required office.

    Saint Petersburg Moscow St. Petersburg Armavir Belgorod Chelyabinsk Dzerzhinsk Ekaterinburg Kazan Krasnodar Lipetsk Naberezhnye Chelny Nizhny Novgorod Novosibirsk Omsk Penza Perm Pyatigorsk Rostov-on-Don Samara Saratov Sterlitamak Syktyvkar Tula Tver Ufa Volgograd Voronezh Yaroslavl Zelenograd
    Office adress:
    Zvezdnaya 1, letter A, office 17H, Saint Petersburg