is a platform,
which consists of
cargo transportation
and lifestyle services.

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    History of the group

    From a carrier to a platform. In the near future - transformation into an ecosystem.
    Freight forwarding services

    MONOPOLY forms a team and proceeds to providing freight forwarding services, specializing on temperature-sensitive cargo.

    01 / 09
    Creation of own fleet. Transition to transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo

    The company creates its own fleet of freight vehicles. It transits from intermediary services to the business of temperature-sensitive cargo carrier.

    Trucks under the bridge
    02 / 09
    Start of digital transformation

    MONOPOLY proceeds to digital transformation - introduces digital instruments for adaptive planning.

    03 / 09
    Corporate structure. Expanding the business model
    • The company builds up its own fleet of freight vehicles, forms a holding structure to ensure efficient corporate management.

    • In-house IT team is formed to develop technological solutions.

    04 / 09
    Launch of Monopoly.Online platform and the opening of the «Drivers' School»
    • The MONOPOLY Group of Companies launches Monopoly.Online, a platform where any cargo owner can find a carrier that meets all quality criteria set by the MONOPOLY Group of Companies, while a carrier can find a return freight.
    • The MONOPOLY Group of Companies opens a «Drivers' School» to provide development opportunities for those who have E-category driver’s license but lack experience.
    05 / 09
    Start of no-card fuel processing
    • No-card fuel processing is launched at the Monopoly.Online platform, which allows cashless refueling without any material items that can often be lost. Owing to the platform, some funds received for carriage services can be used to set-off charges for fuel.
    • The MONOPOLY Group of Companies is included in the list of top 50 fastest growing companies, as per RBC.
    Gas station
    06 / 09
    Corporate social accountability - long-haul truckers' development
    • The project MONOPOLY.Business is launched, helping long-haul truckers to become entrepreneurs without start-up investment and connections.

    07 / 09
    Corporate social accountability - development of services for drivers
    • The MONOPOLY.Service project is launched - integrated management of goods and services necessary for FTL transportation. Using it a freight carrier can remotely select- and pay for parking lots, maintenance, lounge rooms and many other services for its drivers.

    • The MONOPOLY Group of Companies enters the list of top 50 fastest growing companies as per RBC, for the second time.

    • The MONOPOLY Group of Companies join the Charter of Cargo Companies.

    Truck driver
    08 / 09
    Transformation into an ecosystem combining key services required for organization of FTL transportation
    • Automation of key dispatching processes.

    • Expanding and enhancing the vehicle operator services based on IT platform.

    • Creation of an aggregator for cargo transportation orders.

    • Development and implementation of a full-fledged shipment ecosystem for all market participants.

    • Development of related value-added services as well as independent carriers.

    Truck with driver
    Plans for the future
    09 / 09
    Plans for the future
    From a traditional business model to a digital logistics management ecosystem and a marketplace for related products and services.