is a platform,
which consists of
cargo transportation
and lifestyle services.

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    Ilya Dmitriev Ilya Dmitriev Ilya Dmitriev
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Ekaterina Mikhailova Ekaterina Mikhailova Ekaterina Mikhailova
    Director General of MONOPOLY JSC, Member of the Board of Directors.
    Kirill Kalikin Kirill Kalikin Kirill Kalikin
    Director of Operations, Member of the Board of Directors
    Lev Starikovsky Lev Starikovsky Lev Starikovsky
    Director of the business direction «Cargo», Member of the Board of Directors
    Evgeny Ivlev Evgeny Ivlev Evgeny Ivlev
    Commercial Director
    Yuri Slabynya Yuri Slabynya Yuri Slabynya
    Director of Logistics
    Denis Mikhalin Denis Mikhalin Denis Mikhalin
    Director of Economics and Finance