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    Use the services of reliable suppliers and work with comfort

    MONOPOLY. Service offers carriers to work in a comfortable environment:

    • To use a broad network of parking facilities, tire service shops, car wash stations, antifreeze stations and catering outlets, with a good track record in terms of quality standards, as inspected by our specialists.
    • To make cashless payments.
    • To use the electronic document management system.
    • To minimize over-mileage due to service providers' convenient location.

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    Hundreds of cargo carriers use MONOPOLY.Service:

    • The cost of services can be accounted when calculating the profit tax base.
    • You can control location of trucks and the driver's use of the services.
    • In case you have a question, a manager will always be available.
    • All service providers have been verified by the MONOPOLY team.
    • The number of services is continually growing, with users' feedback and suggestions contributing to their implementation.

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    Why is it more convenient for the carriers to accept our offer?

    Without us
    There may be problems with the quality of service.
    Paper receipts and verification of their validity complicate the accountant's work.
    The driver rests at an unguarded parking lot, on a roadside or at a petrol station, which may lead to theft of cargo or equipment.
    Complicated control over the use of goods and services, when purchasing them.
    Increased over-mileage and costs of search for a suitable service provider.
    No possibility of cost accounting for the purpose of tax base reduction.
    Expensive vehicle maintenance, high idle mileage, lack of control.
    With us
    Verified suppliers of goods and services. In case of a problem, we take care of it.
    Convenient reports and electronic document management for optimization of the accountant's work.
    A broad network of parking facilities – a possibility to plan the driver's safe rest.
    Control and management of costs from your smartphone.
    Convenient location of service providers, helping to minimize over-mileage.
    Cashless payment for easy cost accounting, when calculating income tax.
    Result: optimization of processes and costs, control of services usage in the mobile app, increased efficiency of drivers’ work.
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    Connecting to MONOPOLY.Service is easy:
    Leave a request on the website.
    Leave a request on the website.
    Wait for the manager's call.
    Wait for the manager's call.
    Sign an agreement.
    Sign an agreement.
    Get access to the broad network of services.
    Get access to the broad network of services.

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